We are always looking for a volunteer to support STEM2Space programs by promoting STEM literacy and motivate youth to pursue STEM careers. We need our volunteers to provide the direction, coaching and mentoring that empowers today’s youth with the skills they will need to lead tomorrow. STEM2Space recruits volunteer from the science, engineering and educational communities in the greater Vancouver area. Our volunteers can make a difference in the education of youth by supporting student projects, supporting at an event or providing office support, volunteers are helping to educate children.

The advantages of participating in STEM2Space Volunteer Programs are:

    • Develop leadership skills with every experience
      • Encourage patience and awareness of cultural differences
        • Create openness to new ideas and opinions
          • Encourage employee skills
            • Better managers
              • Better citizens
                • Better parents
                  • Better educator Event

Social Media Coordinator Position


The Social Media Coordinator will be responsible for updating and creating content on various social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Social Media Coordinator will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator to plan and promote all STEM2Space activities.

Position Description. The Social Media Coordinator will:

    • Create, update, and monitor social media platforms relevant to STEM2Space program
      • Generate increased social media interest
        • Promote STEM2Space events
          • Review and provide feedback to improve the STEM2Space website


          2 hours/week from Jan 8 – Apr 30 (schedules will be accommodated).

          Do you.....